Medical and healthcare

With years of experience and insights to the industry and its investment disciplines, Danen has been making in-depth deployment across fields with high growth potential, e.g. critical illness, anaesthesia, paediatrics, rehabilitation etc., and is committed to conducting platform-based empowerment investment and M&A.

  • Comprehensive and distinctive layout

    Danen’s medical team has a profound understanding of China's medical system and has invested in many outstanding entrepreneurs in fields of drug R&D, medical devices, in vitro diagnostics and medical services, who enliven patients with effective treatment and top service in each day of their service. Meanwhile, we have made in-depth deployment across fields with high growth potential, e.g. critical illness, anaesthesia, paediatrics, rehabilitation etc.

  • Investment and M&A —— Platform-based and empowerment

    Absent of road markings in the investment to medical and health industry, Danen decrypted the industry’s investment code, concentrated on building a titanic comprehensive platform with extraordinary entrepreneurs in vertical industries and is committed to becoming the industrial partner for global products introduction, academic promotion and channel construction etc.

The shift in population structure and health care reform are decisive factors to China’s medical health industry. Only through respecting doctors and the nature of medical services on the basis of patient and science, can we seize the systematic opportunity in the next 30 years. Hippocratic oath is also the foremost criterion of Danen’s healthcare team.

Jifu Xin

Managing partner, Danen Capital

Investment Strategies


  • Healthcare upgradation

  • Aging and rehabilitation

  • Consumer medical treatment

  • Technology introduction and import substitution

  • Hierarchical and primary medical system

/Investment Cases/

  • Belle Healthcare Medical Technology

    Belle Healthcare Medical Technology

    Leader of microsurgical instruments production and sales in minimally invasive surgery in China


  • Vazyme Biotech

    Vazyme Biotech

    Dedicated to the development and production of enzymes and antibodies, covering fields such as in vitro diagnostic, high flux sequencing and life science research.

    Having introduced the US advanced product line and quality control system to China in 2012, Vazyme built laboratories and 100-grade sterile clean production plants covering 3000 sqm in Nanjing as its R&D centre, as well as a marketing centre in Shanghai and a technical service centre research in Beijing for purpose of transferring their US projects to China for development, production and application. The company upholds the tenet of “Experts for experts”, focusing on innovation and quality, committed to accelerating industrial development and providing distinguished product, technology and service for the medical healthcare industry.

  • MYZH (Beijing) Technology LLC

    MYZH (Beijing) Technology LLC

    The Internet company focuses on establishing
    a terminal ecosystem of primary-level medicare.

    Headquartered in Beijing and established offices around the country, the company adheres to the principle of “serving for the civic health”. With Internet technology been applied, it empowers primary medical institutions to improve business and realize social sharing of resources, which demonstrates itself a cutting-edge Internet company with great vitality and prospects.

  • Wucailu


    China's leading family support agency for autism rehabilitation and education

    With strong support from China Disabled Persons Federation and the Beijing Disabled People's Federation of Chaoyang District, guided by international leading behaviour analysis and correction theory (ABA rehabilitation training method), Wucailu has successfully conducted interventions for over 6,000 children with autism or other developmental disabilities, saving thousands of families. The company has become a world-renowned platform in publicizing Chinese rehabilitation institution for autistic children.


    China's most reliable one-stop Internet medical service platform and one of earliest platforms exploring and practising Internet medical service.

    China's largest Internet medical company.

    Achieved online to offline extension.

    Danen made correct judgements before the uncertainties and achieved repurchase, transfer exit.

  • Julu Medical

    Julu Medical

    Solution provider for cardio-pulmonary rehabilitation devices and hospitals. Focusing on healthcare management, the company is committed to improving people's livelihood through innovative medical models.

    Beijing Julu Medical Management and Consulting Co., Ltd. was founded in 2014 and is the member of China Rehabilitation Technology Transformation and Development Promotion Association. With main businesses in cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation, it owns products including six-minute walking test system, sporting cardiopulmonary assessment system, in vitro counterpulsation therapeutic instrument, upper and lower limb rehabilitation trainer and other related instruments indispensable in hospitals.