Vanguard opportunities
Fund in emerging markets

With incisive interpreting to markets and resources obtained from overseas practices, the vanguard opportunities fund serves as a bridgehead for domestic companies’ exploration in emerging markets along the Belt and Road Initiative.

  • The highly localized investment strategy Highly specialized team to gold-mine emerging markets
    along the Belt and Road Initiative
    The highly localized investment strategy

    The emerging markets along the Belt and Road Initiative will become the value investment destination in the next 20 years. On the basis of extensive cooperative network and years of practices in overseas investment, Danen gathered deep understandings of politics, economy, culture, market opportunities and various kinds of risks of each destination, to which highly localized strategies are applied.

  • Pursuit of entrepreneurship Powered by China's momentum
    We join extraordinary entrepreneurs
    in developing frontiers.

    The vanguard opportunity fund is oriented as the booster for entrepreneurial talents in emerging markets and the bridgehead for domestic companies go outbound. We tap into potential opportunities with local distinguished entrepreneurs with Chinese backgrounds. While introducing Danen's global resources, we also develop opportunities in emerging markets with leading domestic companies based on demonstrated insights and resources.

Since 2001 when China fully opened to the world, some large foreign-capital enterprises greatly profited from China’s reform and demographic dividend. The next 20 years will be the window period for Chinese entrepreneurs and innovators. So as for the politics and demographic dividend in emerging countries, which, in the other way around, will be the great opportunity for us. Our team is deeply rooted in local markets, fully localized and involved with entrepreneurs with Chinese backgrounds. Under the premise of sufficient risk-control, they will capitalize the market power.

Head of Emerging Markets Fund, Danen Capital

Investment strategy

Highly Localized/Risk First/Capitalization Channel

  • Highly localized
    Local leading entrepreneurs with Chinese backgrounds

  • Upgrading of traditional trade

  • Business model and talent output

  • Technology outbound

/Investment Cases/

  • WOOK


    The Indonesia B2B 3C e-commerce platform with the fastest overseas growth

    The largest B2B retailer in Indonesia with numbers of private label

    The Chinese team mobilizes emerging markets to China's high-quality industrial resources

    Huge financing obtained

    The intermediary agency initiated A-share pre-listing counselling