M&A Fund

With top-notch experience in investment banks and corporate management, Danen’s strategic M&A team, prioritizing risk control, provides enterprises with comprehensive capital solutions and multi-dimensional integration of strategy, culture, human resources and products after the M&A.

  • Your reliable partner in strategic M&A

    Danen Capital's strategic M&A team is comprised of members with top-notch experience in investment banks and corporate management. With years of vertical industry experience, corporate operation and management experience as well as capital market resources, Danen has become the reliable partner for many in the industrial extension of M&A, strategic transformation and management buyouts etc. Staying reverent to M&A, we build our strategies on basis of rigorous due diligence in risk assessment.

  • Unlocking value as the core, no hyping ideas

    Danen focuses on well-grounded M&A and refuses stunt and speculation. Taking value release as the core and risk control as the priority, we well-understand corporate strategies and provide companies all-around capital solutions.

  • A long journey begins with a single transaction

    Danen’s M&A operation team is led by seasoned post-investment operational partners. They build solid partnerships with companies by assisting in post-M&A integration and value maximization in aspects of strategy, culture, human resources, product, marketing and others.

M&A is the most complex uncertainty in a company's development, which absent of either contemplation, strategy re-confirmation or professional implementation will lead to risks. We reverent and appreciate every detail - both cooperating with partners and conducting independent M&A - in a transaction and devote wholeheartedly to post-investment integration in an innovator and entrepreneur manner for the aim of value creation.

Junhua Wu

Partner and Head of M&A Fund, Danen Capital

Investment Strategy

Research-driven trading opportunities/Value-driven investment strategies/Management-driven value release

  • Upgrading of traditional industry

  • Horizontal integration of the industrial platform

  • Vertical extension

  • Cross-border M&A