Industrial upgrading

Industrial upgrading: Danen Capital seizes research-based transformation dividend and centres around outstanding entrepreneurial resources in seek of supply-side momentum.

  • High market dividend Seizing research-based
    transformation dividend

    Based on extensive research and years of practical experience, Danen Capital leverages opportunities arising from macroeconomic and political structural reform, industrial structural reform and technology advancement.

  • Pursuit of entrepreneurship Closely centres around outstanding
    entrepreneurial resources
    Seeking supply-side momentum

    To bond with outstanding entrepreneurs has always been the core strategy of Danen. In the period of supply-side structural reform, only those who embody entrepreneurship will marshal the company to glory.

Our team features industry-originated. So as our strategies, from and to the industries. We excavate opportunities rather than follow suits. Communicating with industry professionals and dig any potential opportunity that could be brought by technology transformation is just another routine of our frontline employees.

Xu Liu

Partner and Head of Industrial Fund, Danen Capital

Investment strategy

Entrepreneurship/market/Long-term barriers

  • Innovation-driven core components
    Domestication of new materials

  • Policy-driven new energy and
    Energy conservation and environmental
    rotection opportunities

  • Consumption upgrading
    In the context of urbanization

  • Demand-side-driven vertical industries
    Efficiency improvement in supply chain

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  • XTX Technology

    XTX Technology

    A high tech semiconductor company focusing on memory chips.

    XTX Technology was established in 2014, has passed the ISO 9001 quality management system standards.

    XTX is rooted in China, focusing on cultivating its own brand (XTX), committed to become China's independent storage chip solutions provider.

    Products include NAND MCP, SPI NAND, EEPROM, SPI NOR Flash, etc., mainly used in mobile phones, tablets, on-board equipment, monitoring, POS machines, home appliances, M2M, data cards and set-top boxes and other terminal products. At the same time, in order to adapt to market trends and meet the needs of partners for product design and experience, XTX also provides customized services to improve product value with more optimized design performance such as SIP.

    XTX’s core management team and key technology members have served well-known international memory semiconductor manufacturers, such as Ferro Semiconductor, Italian Semiconductor, Samsung Semiconductor, Qimengda, Freescale etc., have a profound understanding of the memory industry's survival rules, industry trends and market demand in China.

  • Ambilight Inc

    Ambilight Inc

    Owns a number of global leading patents and technologies

    Founded in Shenzhen and Silicon Valley. Comprised with world's top R&D team.

    Owns a number of global leading patents and technologies

    Has completed the Angel and A round of financing from Silicon Valley and Chinese top investors, reached about a billion yuan.

  • Ininin Tech

    Ininin Tech

    China's leading printing and packaging C2M platform

    China's leading printing and packaging C2M platform

    Team members from Huawei and Tencent, with rich experience in entrepreneurship and management

    Industry + Internet high barrier has formed

    In the second half of 2017, it completed a strategic reorganization with an A-share listed company and vigorously upgraded the innovation and packaging of consumer products.

  • Cenntro Automotive

    Cenntro Automotive

    Cenntro is an innovative and technology-based Internet platform

    A global leader in logistics electric vehicles.

    Has obtained multiple rounds of large strategic financing from Foxconn and Alibaba etc.

    Founding team members from world-renowned companies, such as UT and UPS.

    Preparing for IPO in the US in 2018

  • Burnham Educatio

    Burnham Educatio