Family Office

Danen Family Office Team is a team of superior investment and business administration experience. Starts from the three fundamental aspects of family wealth – Asset Allocation, Risk Management and Public Relationship, Danen FO team schemes the all-around family wealth management plan for entrepreneurs with foresight and competence.

  • Family Office Team

    An omniscient butler of your family issues

    Danen FOT consists of members with superior experience in investment and business administration, and members with expertise in risk identification, legal consulting, and tax planning. Co-operating in an abilities-compounded team, we will make the best use of our knowledge and experience, creating profound synergy with integrated resources and abilities, to ultimately provide entrepreneurs with tailored all-around family wealth management plan.

  • All-around Wealth Management Plan

    Service of Multi-dimensions and Customization

    Danen FO service strategy is based on the wealth hedging and appreciation, Legal and Tax issues of family members, and Public Relationship. In Danen, every need of entrepreneurs is regarded, and every detail is esteemed. We try to realize the continuation of the wealth and reputation of the entreprenueurs.

  • The Core Concept of FO

    Entrepreneurs Oriented

    The FO service of Danen is tailored based on the actual demands of the customers, all the process information is transparent, and entrepreneurs have discretion during the process. Our interests are aligned. Making the best use of Danen’s world-class management ability and focus on the future, we commit to contribute for your wealth convoying.

How to go through the constantly changing macro-cycles, and deal with the complexity and uncertainty in the individual investments to avoid the risk and discontinuity of family wealth, will be the main challenge for the first and second generation of Chinese Entrepreneurs. We commit to build a thorough solution for entrepreneurs with the global investment view, all-around enterprise management experience and expertise in risk-identification, taxation and legislation. We regard every need of entrepreneurs and esteem every issue in the management. Aligned with entrepreneurs, we contribute to the continuation of the family wealth and reputation.

Partner of Danen Family Office

Family Office

  • Wealth Hedging and Appreciation

  • Legality, Tax, and Risk

  • Public Relationship and Wealth Transfer

Reliable &
  • Danen’s investors

    As a firm practitioner of industrial investment and value investment, Danen has become the investment partner that trusted by industrial groups, listed companies and outstanding entrepreneurs who share the same philosophy. Danen is committed to providing our investors with high-speed and long-term value investment opportunities generated by structural reform, instilling investors’ capital to China’s best entrepreneurs and sharing the high dividend of scarce entrepreneurial resources.

  • Long-term return and
    asset preservation

    With deep engagement in vertical industries and profound insights to corporate management and capital market, Danen sets its goal as bringing investors long-term high returns resulted from industrial upgrading. Danen's each and every investment reflects our steadfast value of pursuing excellence.

  • Customer Oriented

    Danen rejects trend-following asset allocation. Prioritize customer interests and strategic appeals is the core tenet of our asset management. In retrospect to the cooperation with industrial groups and listed companies, we customized investment strategies, which combined their tactics and our edges, and ensured practice on highest standards within the industry. We believe that customers’ trust is something we should fight for, through prudent and rigorous risk control, long-term perspective and detailed routine.