The investment management lineup is

driven by Ambition, Steadiness, and Profession.

Danen’s core team is composed of a professional team with rich experience in investment and capital market, a team with industrial partners and a team with continously successful entrepreneurs. They have been working steadily for more than 7 years, forming a three-engine-driven team synergy effect.

Extraordinary Entrepreneurs are scarce resources in this era. Dannen, as the solid practitioner of industrial investment and value investment, will always follow outstanding entrepreneurs, jointly develop cognitive boundaries and explore the path of corporate development and management.

  • David Ling

    Founding Partner

    MBA, Renmin University of China; Booth School of Business, University of Chicago

    The founding partner of Danen Capital and the actual controller of Infotech. After founding Danen Capital in 2012, he self-funded and held shares of dozens of innovative enterprises in China and abroad, ranging from Internet, life sciences, medical service, education and emerging markets etc., forming a portfolio cluster with entrepreneurs as core and vertical industries as the cornerstone. Mr Ling also contributed great efforts to public welfare and education and has invested in China's largest village doctors service group and autistic children group. With seasoned strategic and managerial experience, he has successfully led dozens of investment and industrial M&A in fields of industrial Internet, consumer upgrading and others, which, in return, enriches his experience and resources in emerging markets and cross-border investment and M&A.

  • Tristan Xin

    Management Partner

    Master, Columbia University

    Responsible for investment in overseas emerging markets, medical health and fintech. He led the team to self-fund and hold shares of dozens of Chinese innovative companies. He has been involved in emerging markets along the “belt-and-road” and created an overseas investment team for Danen, which forming a portfolio cluster with entrepreneurs as core and vertical industries as the cornerstone. Meanwhile, Mr Xin has long been investing in the development of the new generation of social enterprises, such as service institutions and R&D of innovative products for the disadvantaged, bridging social responsibilities with innovative resources and industrial experience. He has led over 50 investments and exits in industrial upgrading and medical healthcare etc.

  • Vanness Niu


    He worked in RE group of Deloitte China in the department of auditing and corporate consulting management, served a number of domestic and foreign listed companies such as China Merchants Shekou Holdings, China Resources Group, Sichuan Shuangma, Chow Tai Fook, Procter & Gamble, and Ormazabal etc. He took part in the internal rectification work of SOEs affiliated to SASAC and have accumulated experience in corporate internal control, financial and legal process analysis. He has an in-depth understanding of the internal management of the growing teams and post-investment companies.

  • 曹琰



    曾任职高盛、美国Farallon Capital、彬元资本等海外机构;曾任银石投资合伙人。专注生物医药领域的全球投资6年,对生物科技全球生态极为熟悉,拥有丰富的基金管理经验。目前主要关注技术赋能的生物学方向的投资,以辅助这个领域科学家为主。